Looking for Community Service Opportunities?

Below are some that are coming up! The League of Women Voters (nonpartisan, not-for-profit) is hosting SIX Candidate Forums and co-hosting a 7th this spring.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn about and participate in the political process.   Students can help in all areas and can be mentored by a League member, and they DO NOT need to … Continue reading Looking for Community Service Opportunities?

Rules for Politics!

  What rules do Elk Grove High School students propose for our elected officials? Heidi Graham, President of our League of Women Voters local chapter, asked students what decorum they expect from politicians.   Below are our students' rules for politics: No interrupting Be open-minded Respect other opinions Argue using facts Free media No name … Continue reading Rules for Politics!

Results Are In!

Mock Election - EGHS October 11, 2018 MOCK ELECTION RESULTS:  Civic Engagement Day - EGHS Oct 11, 2018 Of the approximately 1,900 students attending Elk Grove High School, only 5.2% participated in the Mock Election facilitated by Stacey Tobin of League of Women Voters on October 11, 2018. Why so low?  The most consistently stated … Continue reading Results Are In!

Why Young People Should Vote

KEYNOTE:  Heidi Graham, President of LWV - Local Chapter (Arlington Heights-Mount Prospect-Buffalo Grove Area including Prospect Heights-Wheeling-Elk Grove Village)     (transcript) My name is Heidi Graham, a mom of kids about your age, a daughter who is a sophomore at Emerson University in Boston, and a son who is a sophomore at Prospect, and … Continue reading Why Young People Should Vote