Bringing the Disney Experience to Insurance

October 10, 2013, No comments

While most people associate the need for good customer experience with the retail industry, the customer experience in the insurance industry is becoming just as important. Sure, you might not ...

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Do You Know Where Your Copper Wire Is? Using Location Intelligence to Stamp Out a Dangerous Crime

October 4, 2013, No comments

An interesting news story that received scant attention in the press because of some other major breaking news in Washington D.C. was the underground explosion at UC Berkeley on Monday ...


Creating a 360-Degree View of the Customer Will Improve the Retail Experience

October 2, 2013, No comments

According to retailers, customers are more likely to perceive a better retail experience when they receive a more personalized encounter. These findings, gathered from a new study from TimeTrade, also ...


10 Common Mistakes in Site Selection

September 18, 2013, No comments

New dynamics, such as multi-channel consumer interaction, are shifting the retail landscape and adding complexity to the site selection process. The need to confidently vet real estate opportunities a ...


Unlocking the Potential of SMB Banking

September 17, 2013, No comments

Banks need to do more to reach out to small and medium sized businesses (SMB). Effectively understanding the needs of a small business can have big effects on whether or ...


New Technologies Key for Banks Looking to Manage the Customer Experience

September 17, 2013, No comments

As more and more technologies disrupt the way consumers interact with their banks, it’s up to the Chief Marketing Officer to work out how to align business needs with customer ...


A Look at Metadata Part 1: Metadata Defined

September 17, 2013, No comments

“What the heck is metadata and why do I care?” This is a question many organizations ask when presented with the need to control and manage their enterprise data. In ...


Innovation and the Customer Experience: Exclusive Q&A with Deb Smallwood, Founder, Strategy Meets Action

September 17, 2013, No comments

Today’s insurance companies are looking for innovative ways to enhance the customer experience and boost their bottom line. I recently spoke with Deb Smallwood, Founder of Strategy Meets Action, ab ...

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Managing Your Online Brand: Exclusive Q&A with Yelp’s Head of Local Business Outreach Darnell Holloway

September 17, 2013, No comments

Mobile applications are bringing retailers closer to their customers and helping them engage in new and innovative ways. However, these new channels also open up communications to the point where ...


Can Meaningful Use of EHRs Help Prevent Heart Conditions?

September 17, 2013, No comments

In previous posts on Engage Healthcare Today, we discussed the importance of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and how EHR data can be used to identify certain trends or patterns that may lead ...